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The UCB Theatre is the greatest producer of comedic talent in America today and the Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company brings the very best of our theatres in NYC and LA directly to you.
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Happy Halloweeeeeeen everyone! Enjoy your favorite scary movies tonight, even if the man on the phone would disapprove of your choices. 


The shutdown may be over, but are you still confused about what the hell that was about? UCB’s Pantsuit has your back with this tutorial.

Making plans for this weekend? Take a trip to Brookland, where you’re never too old to skateboard and every candy store is filled with kittens!

From UCB Comedy Beta Team SCRAPS


Sometimes the solution is staring you in the face, wearing cool shades.

New video from UCB Comedy, check it!


It’s always a party with Bud Light Ranch! The official drink choice of new SNL cast member, John Milhiser.

Who’s ready to party Ranch style?!

This Saturday catch Will Hines talking all things improv and the new UCB Comedy Improvisation Manual at Bank Street Bookstore in NYC! 7 pm, free, fun time!

Check out this new video from UCB Comedy about the perils of being an Internet Meme. 

Remember the whole Chick-Fil-A debacle? In case you ever wondered what all the fuss was about, here’s their side of the story. #tbt


We love our Amy!



We love our Amy!


Have yourself an easy Monday and just watch a movie on Netflix. It probably know exactly what you’re in the mood for. 


Oh hey! It’s @ucbtourco backstage falling in love with @bearsdenmusic #gotrguthrie #gentlemenoftheroad #mumfordandsons

There’s such a thing as supporting your community TOO much. UCB Beta team SCRAPS knows what it looks like to go overboard. 


I’m Too Fragile for This: Dating.

Take a minute and watch this hilarious video featuring UCB’s Cathryn Mudon and Connor Ratliff! 


Words of wisdom from the UCB’s Nicole Byer!

Slow clap for the end of swimsuit season. 

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